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Business Owners' Success Strategies
BOSS Business Planning Guide

The B.O.S.S. Program is a package of tailored financial strategies designed exclusively for business owners to help them achieve their strategic business planning goals.

Utilizing selected financial products, we can help you design – and implement – and administer - a B.O.S.S. Strategic Solution that's right for you.


Helping Business Owners Meet Their Strategic Business Needs


When it comes to growing your business and rewarding your key people, we know you face a number of daily challenges. We also know that in today's competitive economic climate, inventories, sales, overhead, personnel and cash flow all demand your constant attention – leaving you little time for strategic, long-term planning. The result: if you're like many business owners, you've probably been forced to adopt a “hope it all works out” business strategy.


Unfortunately, “hope” is not a strategy.


As a successful entrepreneur, you need someone who understands your business ownership concerns, as well as your personal goals and objectives - someone who can help in financial matters such as attracting, rewarding and retaining key employees; rewarding performance; implementing wealth accumulation strategies; providing employee benefits; and maximizing business value for an eventual sale or transfer to the next generation.


We can help you succeed in each of these important business areas through a process called “The B.O.S.S. Program” – six strategies for business ownership success.

Through the B.O.S.S. Program, we can help you turn your hopes into reality.





Strategy 1 – Maximize Business Value

Maximizing business value – with an eye towards the eventual sale or transfer of your business - is probably among your primary concerns. To address this concern, you need a plan that provides for a smooth, tax-efficient sale or business transfer in the event you (or one of your key people) die, become disabled, or simply decide to quit or retire.

Among the B.O.S.S. strategic solutions are “Full Value” Exit Strategies (BuySell Solution) and Key Employee Replacement Plans (KeyLife Solution).


Strategy 2 - Reward Performance

Your business thrives when you increase bottom-line profits. In today's competitive talent market, rewarding your best people - those who are most responsible for increasing   those profits - requires more than just cash bonuses. Today's top performers seek rewards that can motivate them to even greater heights, as well as help them achieve their personal objectives. We can help you reward your top talent – and yourself - through Key Employee Incentive Plans and Executive Bonus Plans (BonusLife Solution).


Strategy 3 - Attract & Retain Key Employees

The lifeblood of any business is attracting and retaining the best and the brightest people. In order to achieve this goal, you need to offer innovative compensation and benefits packages that distinguish your company from the competition. We offer a wide range of solutions, including Salary Continuation Plans (SERP Solution) and Executive Family Protection Plans (LifeGuard Solution) that let you offer more to the people you want to attract and retain.


Strategy 4 - Accumulate Wealth

For many key people, accumulating assets to meet long-term goals – retirement, for example - is just as important as a regular paycheck. To address this concern, you need access to both qualified and nonqualified plan designs, including Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans and Executive Compensation Plans. Through the B.O.S.S. Program, we can tailor a plan that can help accomplish your and your key employees' current and future financial objectives.


Strategy 5 – Provide Employee Benefits

Nearly every business offers their key employees life, health, & disability insurance. But if you want to attract and retain only the highest quality people, you need also to offer welfare benefits that address their personal financial needs. We can help you accomplish that goal by giving you access to, and helping you implement, Single Employer Welfare Benefit Plans and Executive Family Protection Plans (LifeGuard Solution).


Strategy 6 – Create a Legacy

While some business owners may be planning to eventually profit from a well-executed exit strategy, you may be building a legacy to pass on to future generations.

Consequently, a carefully drafted strategic plan can help you avoid an interruption in business operations due to estate settlement costs or a poorly executed transition plan. If you, or others, are depending on your company's long-term success, let us show you Estate Maximization and Business Continuation Solutions that can help turn your legacy hopes into a business reality.

When it comes to strategic business planning, we can develop and customize a Strategic Solution to help you reach your specific goals and objectives. The B.O.S.S. Program is a package of conceptual strategies designed to help business owners achieve their personal, financial, and business goals and objectives. These strategies are typically financed using life insurance, annuities, and other financial products. The B.O.S.S. strategies and solutions are not limited to those described within this brochure and may be expanded to meet your specific needs, objectives and goals


Business Planning, Executive Benefit and Accumulation Plans

  • Buy-Sell Plans
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Keyman Program
  • NQDC Plans
  • Business and Individual Asse
  • Accumulation Plan
  • Golden Handcuff Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Captives
  • Premium Finance Insurance Planning

Wealth Management, Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

  • Maximizing Wealth Accumulation
  • Protecting Accumulated Wealth
  • Minimizing Estate Shrinkage at death for High Net Worth Clients
  • Providing Equalization Plans for Heirs for Business Owners
  • Devising Charitable Gifting Strategies without Cutting Benefits to Heirs
  • Estate Planning to Limit Tax Impact on Estates

Personal and Business Development

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation and Creation Strategies
  • Gifts to Grandchildren without Taxes
  • Debt Risk Management for Individuals Businesses

Plan Design and Funding Solutions

  • Design Complex Estate Planning
  • Design Solutions for Complex Business Needs
  • Design Funding Solutions for High Premium Policies for Estate and Business
  • Land Preservation Concept Planning
  • Premium Financing for High Net Worth Clients
  • Solutions to Accumulated Earnings in Businesses
  • Feasibility and Implementation Strategies for Section 79 Plans