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  • TSP
  • Annuity / Survivor Benefits
  • High 3
  • Social Security / FERS Supplement
  • Delayed Retirement
  • Retirement Analyzer
  • Inflation
  • Taxes



By clicking the links below you can see EXAMPLES of an individual packet.

Sample Benefit Analysis

Example #1-  CSRS with FEGLI Basic w/Options A,B,C

Example #2 - FERS with FEGLI Basic w/Options A,B,C

Example #3 - FERS Special Provisions with FEGLI Basic w/Options A,B,C

Example #3 - Pension Maximization Strategy

As Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consusltant we get questions such as:

  •   How much money will I get when I retire? Will it be enough?
  •   What can I expect my High 3 to be at retirement?
  •   Should I buy back my active duty military time? 
  •   Will I receive Social Security?                          
  •   Am I investing enough in my Thrift Savings Plan?
  •   Why is my Group Life Insurance Premium Increasing
  •   What is the Survival Spouse Benefit (SSB) and how much will it cost me?
  •   What options do I have with my TSP when I am 59 1/2 or older?   (employed or retired)
  •   Resources, we hear that employees have no idea what to expect at retirement. 

As a Federal Employee, the foundation of your Financial Plan is your Federal Benefits.  You can do it yourself or If your interesed, we would like to offer you a free complimentary Federal Benefit Analysis. You will be provided a detailed report of your benefits to help you understand and interpret how these might affect your financial future. 

Your plan combines your federal benefits along with any other income and expenses, which is then specifically tailored to meet your financial goals. SFG Federal offers this report as the 2nd part to the Retirement Planning Seminar. This is the time and place to get your specific questions answered during our confidential meeting.

But, I need your help to schedule the 30 minute Zoom conference call to gather the necessary information below.  Also, you can always fill out the Federal Employee Benefit Analysis Profile Form and Budget Planner Monthly.

   1.       Leave and Earnings Statement (I need all your deductions & contributions)

   2.      TSP Statement with allocations

   3.      Social Security Statement (Spouses if applicable)

   4.      Investment Statements (Other than TSP)

   5.      Life Insurance Policies (Other than FEGLI)

   6.      Income and Expense information  (Retirement Budget)

Regardless if your just getting started with the Goverment or your planning on retiring over the next several years, our Federal Benefit Analysis will help you reduce your expenses today and maximize your pension when you retire.  It is especially designed to assist you in selecting the most appropriate time to retire and help guide you through your golden years.

After you've received your Federal Benefits Analysis, if necessary you can schedule your 1st personal meeting with me to review your plan (Spouse's invited).


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