Sarasota Financial Group has over 40 years of financial industry experience, specializing in Innovative Tax and  Structured Income Planning. Let us help you create income solutions for your  needs.  We have access to some powerful tools to compare income riders on VA's and FIA's.  We also have CANNEX to compare SPIA's. We can generate multiple solutions that will show the impact of income optimization, tax liability, inflation, target changes, and investment strategies, including income riders to show the impact that might have.

What is Income Under Management (IUM)?


Income Under Management™ is the process of increasing your income by calculating the maximum lifetime withdrawals from a simplified index accumulation annuity. The withdrawal amount can be re-calibrated whenever the contracts resets to ensure you always enjoying the largest annual income based on your own needs. IUM can increase annual income up to 40% without account-draining income riders.

What are the advantages?

  • Protects Account Values - By using protected growth annuity strategies, you avoid unnecessary market volatility and losses.
  • Reduce Fees and Charges - Substantially increase income without account draining fees diminishing account values and growth.
  • Optimizes Lifetime Income - Enjoy thousands of dollars of additional lifetime income by optimizing withdrawals.

Why calculate my annuity gains and costs?

Many annuities have additional charges in addition to the basic contract design. Our Annuity Snapshot helps you uncover how much you are paying for charges, calculates the impact on retirement, and helps you make informed decisions. The Snapshot allows you to objectively and quickly analyze the past performance of your annuity. By calculating the gross dollar amount gained, the rate of return (before costs), and the net IRR (Internal Rate of Return) after costs and fees. In most cases, all you need is a recent statement to run a snapshot report.

What are the advantages?

  • Evaluate Total Performance - Quickly check the past growth performance of your annuity using a recent monthly statement based on internal rate of return.
  • Calculate Fees as a % of Growth - The software calculates the total fees and charges and then compares your total cost as a percentage of growth.
  • Estimate Future Performance - The Snapshot report projects your current annuity performance and costs out to life expectancy to help compare various retirement scenarios.

We then review solutions and then test them for survivorship, lifestyle changes, wealth transfer and inheritance modeling, long term care and other health issues.  Identify and address gaps. 

Income Under Management Snapshot


Sample Structured Income Plan


SFG Growth Investment Risk Pyramid