Americans are living longer than ever before:


As you look ahead to retirement, plans frequently center on family. The love between family members is a strong, enduring bond — the type of commitment that inspires us to put our loved ones first. Today, many older Americans worry they'll one day become a financial or emotional burden to the people they love most. If a client experiences a health event and requires long-term care (LTC) -- and they have not prepared for this need -- their family members could very likely become caregivers.

Did you know that you may NOW BE ELIGIBLE to protect your assets under a Federal law* and use Tax-Free** dollars to pay for Long Term Care expenses, without having to “spend down” all of your personal assets? One of the biggest fears that many seniors have today is the fear of having their life savings wiped out if they should end up needing care at home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, at least 70% of all people over age 65 will need long-term care services at some point during their lifetimes!


What is an Alternative to Long-Term Care Insurance?

LTC insurance is a way to reimburse you for covered expenses they may need with care at home or in a facility when they are unable to do some of these basic daily activities of daily living (ADLs): bathing, dressing, eating, continence, toileting and transferring.

Alternative Asset-based Hybrid LTC products are about helping you be prepared and provide protections you won't get from other options.. That way, if care is needed, they can pay for those services or care so loved ones don't have to provide the care or change their lifestyle to provide care.

Each day, we're asked by our clients, “what's the best insurance solution”? We're certainly not trying to be evasive in our response, but it's usually, “ it depends”. The optimal insurance solution varies from client to client, but what often times dictates our recommendations is based on what the client is trying to accomplish. Is it Life Insurance planning or LTC Insurance planning? The funding source or premium tolerance also tends to lead us to a specific solution.

We share the secrets on how to get quality long-term care without going broke. As eldercare replaces childcare as the number one issue facing baby boomers, our educational program let's you take back control of your life and provide excellent long-term care for yourself or aging loved one without them going broke in the process.  When you still have time to plan ahead choosing the right pre-planning strategy for your own long-term care needs is essential. 

As our population ages we have creative financial strategies that you could use to protect your assets and the quality of care you receive.  In addition, you will learn about little known tax incentives available to those who plan ahead for long-term care.  When there is no time to plan ahead knowing how to effectively care for yourself or your aging parent or loved one will save you time , energy and money. Learn the secrets that make caregiving easier including how to choose the right home care providers, long-term care facilities and how to manage the crisis.


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