SFG Federal through the Federal Governments HR Departments and Associations has provided over 100 Workshops and Online-Webinars.

SFG Federal is dedicated to helping both Civil Service and Military employees understand their financial options amidst the constantly evolving rules and regulations, helping you get the most out of your benefits.

SFG Federal are contracted with the Federal Government and pride themselves on a unique, comprehensive and educational approach to financial planning. Individuals areencouraged to exercise their right and take advantage the personalized level of service they are entitled to receive as federal  employees.


DUNS Number:          128940819

CAGE Number:          84R68

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SFG Federal specializes in offering two distinct services for all Federal Employees in helping them with their retirement preparation:

Individual Benefits Analysis


Educational Workshops










Workshops are open to all federal employees, ranging from new-hire to retirement-eligible. Supervisors can educate their staffs on the financial issues with the off-site briefing as well as offering employees a personalized packet. Sarasota Financial Group has conducted civil workshops for numerous top government agencies

Here is some information on how SFG Federal can bring value to you and your group. As you might already know, SFG Federal offers through the Human Resources departments in the Federal Government to provide Retirement Worshops.  Over the last 7 years we have conducted over 100 Workshops, plus a whole lot of Go-To-Webinars.

We are very flexible and can even set up evening briefings to make it available to almost everyone at your location.  For most of the facilities we have set it up in the following way:


Option 1: Retirement Briefings

9:00 – 12:00 am – 1:00 – 4:00pm

  1. CSRS & FERS regular & Air Traffic Controllers

  2. Offset

  3. Pension calculations,

  4. Survivor benefits,

  5. Social security implications

  6. FERS supplement

  7. Retirement Planning Basics

  8. Manage Investments for Lifetime Income

  9. Social Security Planning

  10. Survivor / Estate Planning

  11. CSRS/FERS Retirement Paperwork

Option 2: Lunch and Learns & Zoom Meetings

1 to 1½ hour

  1. Break down the full retirement seminar into 3 parts.

  2. 5 Mistakes & Strategies in Retirement Planning

  3. Retirement Income Planning  

(Lunch and Learns that can be custom designed to fit your time schedule and location)

Once I have the date and location set , I will have our office get you the flyers as soon as possible.

SFG Federal also offers a complimentary Federal Benefit Analysis as the 2nd part to the Retirement Planning Workshop.

We use a Sample Benefit Analysis as a case study during our seminars, so as a Federal Employee, the foundation of your Financial Plan is your Federal Benefits.  So, we offer all seminar participants the complimentary Federal Benefit Analysis, which is a detailed report of their benefits to help them understand and interpret how these might affect their financial future. The Benefit Analysis plan combines their federal benefits along with any other income and expenses and is tailored specifically to their financial goals. 

Contact SFG Federal for a personalized information packet that can help you retire with dignity, financial security and, most importantly, peace of mind. Seasoned experts in the civil industry help guide you through financial planning and coordinating government benefits.

Price of Freedom

FERS Retirement:

What are my retirement options? Is it true I can get a higher pension if I stay to age 62 with 20 years of service?

star bullet Learn more about FERS.


Serviceman Group Life Insurance (SGLI) to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)

Is it true my premiums go up every 5 years once I retire? How can I prevent this and still have coverage?

star bullet Learn more about SGLI & VGLI.






















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